Nickname Iceman Birthday July 19th, 1982 Current Residence Hesperia, California Age First Started Racing 13 years old (co-riding) Favorite Track Barstow, California

BIO  |  Michael Norris II

Michael began going to Off-Road races when he was about 2 years old, while his Dad, Mike Norris, worked at checkpoints. Growing up, he had a lot of fun watching the cars go by at races, watching Off-Road racing movies, and making dirt tracks with his brother for their toy off road race cars. They would paint replica NASCAR toy haulers, put their Dad's car number on them and place their toy cars inside. Around 6 or 7 years old, he started chasing with his Grandpa, Don 'Papa' Norris, when his Dad would race. No matter where Michael's Dad broke down, his Grandpa would find a way to get there. Loving to play in the dirt, Michael started racing dirt bikes when he was 12 years old, competing in amateur motocross and
many Grand Prix’s. After a few years of racing, Michael began to focus more on his little brother, David Norris', motocross racing career. He helped prep his bike, rode with him and began taking him to practices. Michael rode in his first Off-Road race when he was 13 years old. Within a year, his Grandpa gave him his first opportunity to drive their 5/1600. Michael was riding and the car almost wrecked. He told his Grandpa at a pit stop that he had to get out of the car and couldn't go another lap. His Grandpa said he would either be driving the car, or the current driver would be driving alone. Michael chose to drive. When his Dad bought a single seat class 10, he began driving some races, coming in 2nd place for a series championship in the M.O.R.E series in 2001. Once their current Class 10 car was built in 2006, Michael shared driving duties with his brother. After helping his brother earn a Class 10 Championship in the HDRA series in 2012, he decided to take a break from driving. Michael says racing Off-Road is an adrenaline you can’t match. He plans getting back in the car down the road, but has been enjoying pitting the car and other aspects of racing. He is very proud of his brother David and always enjoys watching him succeed.
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